丹绒士拔一日游之不如来杯沙梨汁(一)。Tanjung Sepat One Day Trip 1 @ Selangor


8TV host, Cherly Lee Xin Yi said "It's good to be Malaysian". I agree with this statement, as a Malaysian, we can choose to go for shopping, hiking or beach on weekend.

The seaview between the journey among Bagan Lalang and Tanjung Sepat

距离吉隆坡市区一个半小时车程的马六甲海峡除了有先前博过的摩立海滩(Pantai Morib aka  Morib Beach),往南下的方向走,便有丹绒士拔(Tanjung Sepat)> 再来是 Bagan Lalang (雪邦黄金海岸) > 然后是 Port Dickson (波徳申 )。而丹绒士拔和 Bagan Lalang 是今天的主题。

Along the Strait of Malacca that 1.5 hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur (KL) city, there are few ideal locations for tourist to get getaway. It's including Pulau Ketam (Point A as in below image), Pantai Morib (Morib Beach) (Point B) , Tanjung Sepat (Point C), Bagan Lalang (Point D) and Port Dickson (Negeri Sembilan) (Point E).

Map and attractions along the Strait of Malacca.

丹绒士拔(Tanjung Sepat)是一个以华人居多的渔村,早年居民多为渔业为生。不过,因为海水污染的关系,Tanjung Sepat 从事渔业的居民逐渐减少。但人对环境的适应能力是非常强的,除了捕鱼业,当地居民还经营果园,灵芝园(农业活动);木薯厂,鱼丸厂(小型工厂);家庭是工业的咖啡豆,东炎酱(Tom Yam Paste);也出产自己 (Tanjung Sepat) 的土产,餐馆和民宿等等的发展,使这里成为了一个多元生态和美食之旅的好去处。

Tanjung Sepat is a fishing town, fishing is their main source of income earlier. However, the fishing industry has been dwindling due to pollution. The residents are now making money as a farmer, by operating a factory, having a small business and so on. These make Tanjung Sepat become a famous place for day trip.

Bagan Lalang @ Sepang

其中几个重点包括 . Tanjung Sepat major attractions :
海友兴包店 > 裕发传统咖啡粉厂 > 灵芝园 > 丹绒士拔木薯厂 > 果园 > 火龙果园 > 情人桥 >  吃海鲜 > Bagan Lalang 海皮。

Hai Yew Heng  > Jo Faa Coffee Factory > Ganoderma Garden > Orchard > Dragon Fruit Garden > Tanjung Sepat Couple Bridge > Sea Foods > Beaches.

1. 海友兴包店 . Hai Yew Heng

海友兴(又称海南包)包店是每一位游客必到的地方,基于两点,一是它的地点佳(位于 Tanjung Sepat 新村主要街道),二是它的知名度。海友兴包店的包点口味分别有生肉包、豆沙包、菜包、加央包,花生包,而最受欢迎的是梅菜包。

Hai Yew Heng (also known as Hailam Bao) is well-known with their homemade bun ("Pao"), and the Mei Cai Bao (Vege with Prok) is most welcomed among 6 tastes (The other are Shen Rou Bao (Meant bun), Kaya Bap, Dou Sa Bao (Green Beans), Vegetable Bao, and Peanut Bao).

Tanjung Sepat 手工海友包目录价钱表。提防假冒,请认明包纸。。。
Please check their logo printed on the bottom of the Bao.



We reached Hai Yew Heng quite early that day, but we were shocked when the worker told us that we have to wait if we want the bun on the spot. They even show us the pre-order listing and advise us to order first and come back for collection later. Therefore, you can see the workers are very busy making the bun in the premise.

Initially, Hai Yew Heng was located at the old-styled coffee shop (Kopitiam) which is just opposite of the miniature factory. The miniature factory was built on few years ago due to the needs of business extension. According to them, they have also opened a branch in KL area. However, I ate my first Hai Yew Heng bun at the old-styled kopitiam, the taste was just "OK", I have forgotten which taste I took, apparently it's not Mei Cai Bao (Vege with pork).

Bun ready to be steamed for sale.

Some poster of Hong Kong celebrities eating Hai Yew Heng Bun.  (Over~)

到 Tanjung Sepat 必喝。
Some cut and paste regarding the stall.

The taste of a fruit juice at Tanjung Sepat is surprisingly nice and I'd like to highly recommend it to my blog reader. The fruit named Ampula (Ambarella, Buah Kedondong in Bahasa Malaysia), the taste is sour and it's very refreshing to have it under the hot weather. I like it a lot as it's not commonly found in city area.

Love it. Tanjung Sepat must try drink.

Some sort of info about Ampula. The aroma taste like green apple.

You could find Sea Bird Nest here. Are you interested in joining their Facebook?

地址:405, Jalan Pasar, 42800 Tg. Sepat, Kuala Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
预订电话:012-272 9009 / 03-3197 4144


谷歌年度关键字搜索报告2012。Google Zeitgeist 2012

谷歌 2012 年年度关键字搜寻报告终于出炉了。

Recently, Google have launched their annual keyword search report -- Zeitgeist 2012. Please refer below guidelines to view the report:
1. There are 2 type of data : 
a) Trending search : Search queries with the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2012 as compared to 2011
b) Most searched : Search queries with the largest volume of searches
2. Data base on regional : 
a) Around the world
b) The countries (solely)
3. Categories : "People", "Athletes", "TV Shows", "Events", "Features Films", "Airlines", etc.

Kate Middleton (Credit)

全球年度十大关键字 。Around The World - Top 10 Most Trending Searches:
1. Whitney Houston
2. Gangnam Style
3. Hurricane Sandy
4. iPad 3
5. Diablo 3 -  An action role playing video games.
6. Kate Middleton
7. Olympics 2012
8. Amanda Todd
9. Michael Clarke Duncan - An American actor who death on September this year due to heart attack.
10. BBB12 - (Big Brother Brasil 12) is a TV Shows
在十大关键字里,“人名”占据了4个位置,包括了一代歌姬 Whitney Houston,英国王妃 Kate Middleton,和美国电影演员 Michael Clarke Duncan,都是名人,演艺圈的人。其中你可以看见一个比较特别的名字 -- Amanda Todd,她不是名人也不是明星,她是一个网络暴力的受害者。今年十月她自杀身亡,她在死前把自己被敲诈,欺负,殴打的经历制成视频上载至 YouTube,因而得到国际媒体的关注。警惕爱网上聊天的年轻人,不要轻易受人蒙骗,促成大错。

By referring to above ranking, number 5, 8, 9, 10 are strange to me. However, I think we shall explore for number 8 (Amanda Todd) indeed, as Amanda Todd was not a celebrity, but a 16 year old girl who committed to suicide on October 2012. Her death have gotten international media attention by the video she posted on YouTube prior to her death. She used flash cards to express her experience of being blackmailed, bullied, and physically assaulted. 

Young girls especially those like to video chat, meet stranger via social net world etc. should view this video as a lesson. You can read Wikipedia for full story.

马来西亚年度十大关键字 。Malaysia - Top 10 Most Trending Searches:
1. SAPS - Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah NKRA.
2. Gangnam Style
3. 9GAG - An image-based social media website which user-uploaded, comical images dubbed "Fun".
4. Proton Preve
5.  Zalora - An online shopping shoes and fashion.
6. Zerg Rush - An "game" done by Google team, where a bunch of O zerg tries to attack and destroy the search results, and you must defend them by clicking on the enemies, you can ignore it by click the "clear" button on the same page.
7. Rotikaya - A Malay blog about celebrities gossip.
8. Adam Dan Hawa - Malay Drama.
9. SPLG - Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Guru
10. Bersih 3.0

Internet is playing an important role for Malaysian, as 6 out of 10 are found website/internet related, such as 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9. 

In fact, SAPS also known as Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah NKRA, which is a website by Ministry of Education (MOE). Teachers have to key in students's results into the database; parents are able to track their son/daughter's result through it. Please read here to know more.

SPLG also known as Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Guru, it's a website by Ministry of Education (MOE) too. The purpose of SPLG is to gather government education personnel's expertise, in order for MOE to plan for training or strengthen program in future. Please read here to know more.

韩国阿叔级歌手 -- PSY 的凭骑马舞一时风头无两。 Credit

马来西亚关键字搜寻的类别还包括了。Categories of Malaysia's searching : 
  • People - Trending : Whitney Houston
  • Songs - Trending : Oppa Gangnam Style - PSY
  • TV Shows - Most searched : Upin and Ipin
  • Athletes - Most searched : Lee Chong Wei 
  • Sports Teams - Most searched : Arsenal
  • What is...? - Trending : What is Gangnam (Again?)
  • Travel Destinations - Most searched : Legoland Malaysia
  • Image Searches - Trending : Morning
  • Foods & Drinks - Trending : Coffee
  • Fashion Labels - Trending : Coach
  • Smartphones - Trending : Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Car models - Trending : Nissan Almera
  • Blogs - Most searched : Beautifulnara
Please click here for more.

Legoland Malaysia (Credit)

至于“旅游目的地”这个类别和去年有很大的差别。可能是因为去年的是“Fastest-rising”,今年是“Most Searched”。Surprisingly, the result of "Travel Destination" is totally difference for year of 2011 (Fastest-rising) and 2012 (Most Searched). The result depict Malaysian's most favorite and welcomed travel locations: 
1. Legoland Malaysia
2. Sunway Lagoon
3. Langkawi
4. Cameron Highland
5. Universal Studios Singapore
6. Kuala Lumpur
7. Genting Highland
8. Singapore
9. Penang
10. Melaka

For details report, please visit:Google zeitgeist 2012 - Search Trend


谷中城韩式炸鸡翼。Dubu Dubu Korean Food @ MidValley Megamall, KL


那间餐厅名为 Dubu Dubu Seoul Food,是谷中城(Mid Valley)算新的一家韩国餐厅,卖点是清真韩国食物(Halal Korean Food),走的是快餐路线。当天是用餐时段,小流氓很幸运不用等便有位子坐,店内的装潢以米白色为主。这里的服务不错,但等了 20 分钟以“快餐”为题的上菜速度未免太慢。

店名“Dubu Dubu” 正是“豆腐”的意思,姑且我们点的套餐都有附送“韩式豆腐花”。同时,菜单(Menu)上 70% 的食物都有“豆腐”为其一食材。无论如何,上图“韩式豆腐花有薄荷叶点缀出淡淡的清香,但厨师下手过重放过多的“黄糖(?)”,使到豆腐花甜到‘流’。

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food 套餐的分量很大且合格,应该有的都有了*,其中包括主食,配菜(韩国餐的配菜被称为 Banchan)和汤。分量是大到让我们面临“吃不完浪费”的“危机”那种大。上图为“韩式海鲜面”(有鸡肉,牛肉,海鲜供选择) -- 小流氓没有试吃“韩式海鲜面”。

不过,Dubu Dubu Seoul Food 的 Banchan 都是一个样 -- 长豆,豆芽和泡菜。无论如何,小流氓觉得这里的 Banchan 不及格,尤其是泡菜(Kimchi)和豆芽。

*资料显示,在韩国,一顿饭完整的饭被称为“Bansang”--通常包括了饭(Bap),韩式汤(Guk or Tang/Jjigae),韩国调味品或韩式酱油(Gochujang or ganjang),和泡菜(Kimchi)。

‘Soondubu jigae’ is served piping hot with a bowl of special Dubu Dubu rice and three ‘banchan’ (side dishes).

Dubu Dubu Seoul Food 较为特别的是它们的米饭不是普通的米饭,而是健康的糙米(Brown Rice),而且还会在糙米上洒下芝麻。上图为“韩式石头饭”,另外有一碗“韩式调味酱(应该是Gochujang)”配饭吃。小流氓试吃,没有太大的惊喜,调味酱的味道有点像华人新年会吃到的“甜酱”。

反而,最好味的是这味“韩式炸鸡翼” -- 鸡肉经韩式调味酱腌制过,外皮还洒上芝麻,是小流氓没有吃过的口味,一个“韩式炸鸡翼套餐”总共有小鸡腿和鸡翼各三块(总共六块),炸鸡的外皮的脆度适中,不是很脆那种,但胜在腌制过的味道,而且肉的分量也很饱满,小流氓很喜欢。

How to go Dubu-Dubu Seoul Food?
Address : LG-048 Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel / Fax: 03 - 2287 8980
Operating hours: 10 am - 10 pm

据说 One Utama 也设有分店。


怎样网上申请一个大马人民房屋。How To Apply Perumahan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (PR1MA) Online

你注册了吗?小流氓指的是“一个大马人民房屋 (PR1MA, PERUMAHAN RAKYAT 1MALAYSIA)”。

根据了解,一马房屋机构明年(2013)将在50个特定地区兴建8万间一马房屋,目前确定的地区包括雪隆(KL, Selangor),柔佛(Johor),槟城(Penang),关丹(Kuantan),霹雳(Perak),吉打(Kedah),芙蓉(Seremban)和东马(Sabah & Sarawak)。发展的项目包括有地房屋(landed house),工作室单位(studio unit)及普通公寓(Apartment)。这些房屋单位价格将介于10万至40万令吉,而坐落于较偏离市区的房屋价格可能低过10万令吉,这些房屋将较市价低 20 至 30%。

申请程序共分为7大步骤 . 
How to apply PR1MA

Step 1:符合资格 (Eligibility)
Firstly, applicant need to ensure he/she eligible for the criteria listed as below; then prepare the necessary documents listed as below.

一个大马房屋计划(PR1MA)申请条件如下 . Eligibility criteria :
1. 申请者必须是大马公民 Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen)
2. 申请时,申请者年龄必须21岁或以上 (Applicant must be at least 21 year old at the time of the application)
3. 公开给个人或家庭(夫妻)每月家庭收入介于2500至7500令吉(单身孩子月入不包括在家庭收入内)(Open to individuals or families (husband and wife) with an average monthly household income of between RM 2,500 - RM 7,500)
4. 目前未拥有超过1间房屋 (Those who currently own no more than one property)
5. 发展项目坐落州属的附加指定方针 (Additional guidelines set-forth by states);
6. 非破产人士  (Not a Bankrupt)。 

一个大马房屋计划(PR1MA)申请文件如下 . Applicant have to prepare below documents to complete the application:
1. 雇主证明函 (Employer Verification Letter)
2. EA表格或B表格 (EA/B Form)
3. 雇员公积金账单 (EPF Statement)
4. 银行储蓄账单及/薪水单 (Bank statement/Salary Slip)
5. 其它(如州属的要求文件)

Step 2:登记 (Registration)
> 登入PR1MA的官方网站:http://www.pr1ma.my,注册一个帐号
Applicant log to PR1MA official website http://www.pr1ma.my and register for an account;
> 然后填妥资料,包括个人,另一半,孩子,拥有资产的资料;房屋选择地点;还有上载有关文件(这些资料可在抽签前做出更改)
Fill in details :  personal profile, information of spouse, children, property owned. Applicant can make amendment before balloting;
> 至少选择一个地点,最多可选5个
PR1MA location choices (At least 1 location, and maximum 5), and attach documents required.
> 然后注册者会收到一个独特编号(Registration number),必须保存此号码作为后来参考。
An unique PR1MA Registration Number will be sent to applicant via email, it will be the reference number for the application.

Step 3:申请 (Application)
> 一旦该机构在申请者房屋选择地点推出发展项目,当局将会以电邮(email)和短信(sms)通知。
> 对发展项目有兴趣者,必须再呈交申请,以待抽签。
Registered applicants will be notified via email and sms when their choice is launched. Then they need to submit their application for balloting

Step 4:验证 (Verification)
> 当申请期限到期,当局将会进行验证。
> 通关的申请将进入步骤五进行抽签。
Once application period is closed, all applicants will undergo a verification process. Successful applicants will be processed for balloting. 

Step 5:抽签 (Balloting)
> 当局进行抽签。
Verified applications will be selected via a balloting process. The process is fully audited.

Step 6:抽签通知 (Announcement of Successful Ballots)
> 当局将会把抽中的独特编号公布于PR1MA的官方网站以及通过电邮(Email)和短信(sms)通知。
Succesfully balloted numbers will be listed on PR1MA website. Applicants will be contacted via email and sms.

步骤7:房屋分配 (Home Allocation)
> 中选者将依次序选择房屋分配(附带条件)。
PR1MA will contact all successful balloters with details of allocation.


Enclosed is the listing of PR1MA project location - first phase (Putrajaya).

*Update 2014:预知完整的一个大马人民房屋计划的地点,可游览PR1MA的官方网站:http://www.pr1ma.my/pr1ma_homes.php


美女与电脑。Show Girls @ KLCC PIKOM PC Fair 2012

年尾的 PC Fair 充满圣诞节的气氛,像是在告诉你圣诞节要到啦。。

Avira Antivirus.


小流氓的 Nikon 是3年前在 PC Fair 买的,今年它已经3岁了。。

翻阅记录,小流氓 20102011 年都有去逛 PC Fair,但感觉怎么那么遥远?这一次的 PC Fair 感觉人潮大不如前,而参展的单位也不如往年,展场的 Show girls 也是新的脸孔。小流氓的人像拍摄,还有很大的进步空间,尤其当 Nikon 偏于拍摄景色而必须注意灯光等等技巧(有待研究),然而,小流氓这一次尝试避免人像照片里出现“断手”的情况,据说这是人像摄影的法则之一。


吉隆坡古迹之旅。中央艺术坊。Kuala Lumpur Heritage Trail @ Central Market (Pasar Seni)


中央艺术坊(Central Market,Pasar Seni)位于马来西亚(Malaysia)首都吉隆坡(Kuala Lumpur,KL),within Petaling Street (茨厂街) walking distance ,也算是吉隆坡其中一个旅游逛街的好去处。小流氓觉得称中央艺术坊为“马来西亚最具艺术气息的广场”不为过。

Straits Chinese, Lorong Melayu, and Lorong India is a new zone built, depict the difference cultural of various races in Malaysia.


Craft Malaysia @ Central Market

Royal Selangor @ Central Market.

中央艺术坊后方还有一条“画廊街”,正式名称为 The Annexe Central Market,一楼多数是由本地画家经营的画店,同一条街还有专卖画画工具,颜料的商店。在这里,游客可在欣赏画作的同时,观赏画家的即场作画过程,其中有油画,描述等。而“画廊街”的楼上有的是更多的画廊,酒吧,文物展览,还有戏剧和音乐表演空间哦?当天看到有许多走庞克风的年轻友族在那里(戏剧和音乐表演空间)聚集。

Local art found at the Annexe Centrak Market

Malaysia's local building.


Art House Gallery Museum of Ethnic Arts.

The Annexe Central Market 的其中一间展览更让人惊喜,其中有展示中国古代文物如唐装,还有许多被称为“当代艺术”的画画),还有“骏马”等的风水画,还有非常逼真的“人像”画画,这些作品看似来自中国,而画家的画工让人佩服。

You could find so called "Modern Art" painting like this at one of the gallery shop here. (credit).

or so called "Modern Art" painting like this. (credit)

资料显示,中央艺术坊的前身为菜市场(1888年),由当时殖民统治的英国所建造。这里分别在1889,1895,1920和1921做过扩展,然而,我们现在所见到的规模却是在1937年才正完成的。资料记载,这里曾面临计划被拆除的命运,后来由马来西亚文学会(Malaysian Heritage Society)成功诉请。1985年,这里经过一轮翻新工程,拥有了如今充满活力的面貌。而这里并在1986年4月正式称为“Pasar Budaya/Pasar Seni”。

Kasturi Walk is an exciting covered walkway of retail and F&B kiosks.
The initial look, old Central Market. (credit

Besides, most of the shops here do have "No Cameras" sign. 
中央艺术坊旁还有一条“Kasturi Walk”,售卖的是一些小食之类。对了,中央艺术坊内有许多商店都有“No camera”的标志。因此,许多有趣新奇的创作无法通过单眼带给大家,然而,有什么是比你亲自体验来得有效。

中央艺术坊的营业时间。Central Market Operating Hours:
Monday-Sunday, 10am – 9.30pm
Address: Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Official website: http://centralmarket.com.my


泰国曼谷游十五:四面佛神话。Bangkok Trip 15: The Legend of Erawan Shrine

这是我们此行的最后一个晚上,而我们也在离开曼谷前来到曼谷游必游的景点之一--四面佛(Erawan Shrine)。

Erawan Shrine

在泰国,四面佛处处,无论在商场,饭店,私人住宅或是我们住的酒店,即可看见四面佛的踪迹。而世界最闻名的四面佛,是位于曼谷市区心脏地带,Grand Hyatt Erawan (君悦酒店)旁十字路口那一尊。泰国公共交通超方便,游客只需乘搭 BTS - Chit Lom 站 - 8号出口,便可找到此四面佛。

Erawan Shrine

此四面佛没有覆盖富丽堂皇的寺庙,有的只是一个神坛设在车水马龙的路旁,日夜却有不间断地有来自世界各地的信徒参拜。此四面佛的典故必须从50多年前(1951),兴建爱侣湾(Erawan)酒店(君悦酒店Grand Hyatt Erawan前身)时说起。据说当初酒店施工期间,工地发生了一连串的工业意外,酿成多位工人丧命。直到1956年,业主在堪舆(Kānyú)师(既是风水师)的建议下,才在建筑工地附近建造这座四面佛坛。


四面佛又名四面神,是印度神祇(qi4),是印度教--婆罗门教,Brahmanism 三主神之一的梵(Fàn)天(Brahmā)。大約在前1500年至前500年間,婆罗门教是印度河流域(Indus Valley)当地人的原始信仰。

The legend of Erawan Shrine 

资料显示,泰国各地四面佛的造型不固定,有四面四手,四面八手,一面二手,五面八手。而这尊位于曼谷市中心的四面佛是最常见的四面四手造型。五面八手的造型源自于印度传说--传说,辯才天女--拉斯瓦蒂(Sarasvatī)是梵天从左手大拇指中生出的女神,后来梵天追逐Sarasvati 欲娶她为妻。Sarasvati 到处躲藏,梵天便从四方各长出一头(四个头的来源);Sarasvati 向天空逃去,梵天又c头顶生出一头继续追逐(五个头的来源)。Sarasvati 慌忙向湿婆(Siva/Shiva,是印度教三大主神--除梵天,另一个主神)求救,湿婆表示礼法上,辩才天女是梵天的女儿,娶女儿为妻违背了伦理大义,故用额头上的第三只眼放射出来的火焰,烧去了梵天向上方看的首级,于是梵天只剩下了现在常见的四面。但萨拉斯瓦蒂最终还是嫁给了梵天。


正面祈求 - 事业
第二面祈求 - 姻缘
第三面祈求 - 财富
第四面祈求 - 健康


一处还有数位盛装表演歌舞呢,原来那是如愿者还愿的其中一个方法。舞者人数--2人、4人、6人、8人;分别价位为-260、360、610、710 THB。



泰国曼谷游十四:食色性也之曼谷避孕套餐厅。Bangkok Trip 14: Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

文接上篇:泰国曼谷游十三:卧佛寺是曼谷最大也是最古老的寺庙。Bangkok Trip 13: Wat Pho, One of The Famous Attraction in Bangkok

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant (避孕套餐厅)是曼谷有名的主题餐厅之一,创建于1987年,至今(2012)已经有25年的历史。避孕套让人联想到“性”,然而,创办人(Mechai Viravaidya)创办此餐厅的主要目的是宣传“安全的性行为(Safe Sex)”。资料显示,此举在泰国引起回响,明显地降低了泰国的生育率(从3.2%降至1.1% / 从每对夫妇养育7个小孩降至2个)。

Safety first!

T-shirt 上的图样表达的是对性的无知。
The message of the image printed on the t-shirt : Lack of knowledge about sex.   

Condom Compendium

那天,我们是在晚餐时间抵达 Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant,不过当时没有满桌。该餐厅除了设有户内和户外,还有3间私人套房。室外的环境很浪漫,无论如何,那天我们很“大马人习性”地选者了室内的座位(有冷气)。 Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant 真的“很避孕套”,餐厅里有许多避孕套做的设计,海报,还有灯饰,可谓保险套处处。

Indoor @ Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.

Outdoor @ Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant, quite romantic.

国际高尔夫球手Tiger Wood ,让人想起当年传出的性丑闻。
Did Tiger use this?

A closer image to see how it was made.

Creative usage of condom @ Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.

无限量避孕套提供“Republican size , Democrat size ?”让人摸不着头。
There is no mint but condom, Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant  依然是曼谷口碑和流传度非常高的一家餐厅。餐厅位于曼谷市中心,但却必须经过一条偏僻的小巷弄才能抵达。 这里运用避孕套的装饰让人大开眼界,但食物只算普通。为什么餐厅故名 Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant?那是因为包菜(又称大白菜)是泰国的“民众食物”,创办人希望保险套在泰国能像包菜那样普遍。因此,创办人也被亲切地称为“避孕套先生(Mr Condom)”。

对了,餐厅的利润也将用于“人口与社区发展协会 (Population and Community Development Association, PDA)” 的项目运作,PDA 是泰国非政府组织的慈善团体。因此,来这里用餐可以说除了“参观”,还可以做意善。

How to go Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant?
于BTS Asok 站下车至 Sukhumvit Road,转入Sukhumvit Soi 12,行约5分钟即可。

地址 Addres: 10 Sukhumvit Soi 12,Klongtoey-nua,Bangkok
营业时间 Operation hour: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm ; 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
網站: http://www.pda.or.th/restaurant/home.html