武来岸玉封石拿督庙。Broga Sak Dato Temple at Semenyih

“石拿督(Sak Dato Temple)”是武来岸(Broga)一间著名的庙宇,有愈140年的历史,春节期间香火鼎盛。石拿督位于雪(Selangor)森(Negeri Sembilan)边界,但依其注册地址,更准确为“属森美兰”。从灵市(Petaling Jaya)出发到石拿督,是大约50公里/50分钟的距离/路程;若果从Seremban出发,是大约35公里/40分钟的距离/路程,与以沙登(Serdang)作为出发点的距离相仿。

Sak Dato Temple is one of the main attractions at Broga, it sits on the Selangor and Negeri Sembilan border, 50 km/50 mins from Kuala Lumpur, KL; 35 km/40 mins from Seremban. It has been attracting tourists and worshippers by the thousands since it was expanded on 1990.

Nestled among undulating hills on the Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border.


The best visiting time would be at the morning, for the relaxing weather and misty mountain scenery. This place is much more than a worshiping place, it's also a famous place for local producer to do Chinese New Year Music Video (MV) filming.

The history of this temple can trace back to more than 100 years ago.
The prayer halls adorned with antique artefacts and intricate carvings.

It is nothing to shout about, but it is blessed with both natural and man-made attraction


The biggest differences between Sak Dato Temple and other temples is Sak Dato Temple do not have many fairy tale murals. It's adorned with stone sculpture and landscapes depicting characters and scenes from Chinese folklore and fairy tale. It's including Replicas of Local Fruits (symbolise vigour all year round.), Giant Peaches of Immortality, Chinese 12 Chinese Zodiac etc in the "The Kindness Fruit Garden" and "Dragon Gate" landscape gardens. The latest attractions are 340 ft. long suspension bridge, and 40 ft. height Sun Wu Kong (Monkey King) sculpture. 

When you reach the top of the hills, you will able to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Broga. 


The temple structures were designed by a Feng Shui master who stumbled upon a cave where the local folk had been worshipping the Sak Dato deity about hundred years ago. It's developed with many facilities like road and water supply from the overwhelming support of villagers, it's been getting famous since then. In the light of this development, the committee set out to channel the funds to the most deserving recipients and hence the Orchard of the Fruits of Kindness foundation was established in 1992.

Suspension bridge at Sak Dato Temple.

Suspension bridge at Sak Dato Temple.

Sak Dato Temple is now guarding by the Monkey King perched atop a mountain


Dato is actually a salutation (similar to Duke or higher). Sak Dato is an aborigine named "Sak Mun" adopted by Chinese family in Broga. He was very helpful and kind hearted. One day, he went to meditate and never came back to the village. Then one day his friend dreamt of him and informed that he was assigned by the God of Jade Emperor to be Dato and protect the land. His friend found his remains at the location he mentioned. As many people received his kindness and assistance before the people there worship him. 

The locals also believe Sak Dato protected them in many incidences ever since, especially during the time of Japanese Occupation.




There is Chinese New Year Dragon Dance at 7.30 a.m. on the first day (Chu Yi) of CNY every year.

Newly developed attraction - Paradise Valley Broga.

It's getting many food stalls at Broga village.

Herbal soup mee.
在士毛月乡村(Broga Hill 出大路的对面)吃过的药材汤面,药材味香,但味偏咸,摊贩却自夸其面在当地甚受欢迎。这碗可能是一时错手。

怎样去石拿督。How to go Sak Dato Temple?
No 42, Jalan Besar, Broga, 71750 Negeri Sembilan.
Opening hour: 7.30 a.m. - 11p.m. (Everyday)
Entrance fee: F.O.C.

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